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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Proven Wrong

Guess who wore a patch over her eye for 45 minutes today?!

Oh yes, she did...

...and she's still smiling!

It took a lot of performing and distracting on my part but that's okay. I have a repertoire of obnoxious voices, plenty of silly games to play in the mirror, and one really cool cell phone that is normally off-limits...except now for eye-patch time! Plus, a very long wagon ride in a wagon full of toys including the named cell phone helped keep her mind and hands occupied enough to buy us some more time before she finally yanked the patch off and handed it to me. Translation: "I'm DONE, take this."

Hopefully she'll be more tolerant with each new day and we'll make it to the suggested 2 hours. She sure does have a way of surprising us one way or another, every single day.


  1. SO cute, Mo! She is stinkin' adorable! A very definate MIND OF HER OWN! Faith is back to hating her patch, so I am flunkin' patching 101, again. Don't know what bad grade we will be getting when we finally go back to optho, next month....maybe. Oia always takes the cutest pictures!

  2. Good job Oia! What a big girl she is to wear her patch for so long! Good job to you too mom!

    Does she have to wear the patch for two hours straight, or can she break it up?