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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Back in the Saddle

Hippotherapy just resumed from summer break which was during the month of August. So today, we ventured our beautiful 45 minute drive outside of town, for Oia's 30 minutes of therapy time, priced at just over a dollar every minute on horse back, then traveled another 45 minutes back home... and it's worth every minute and penny spent because this girl absolutely loves it (and so do we).

I told Oia last night while I was lying her down in her bed for night-night that once she woke in the morning we were going to see Ms. B, ride Kasper and go "bouncy-bouncy"; which means trot really fast. She smiled a smile that extended way beyond her binki and said Yeah! with wide eyes.

Today's session was spent 'off-road' as Oia rode Kasper out of the barn and down into the woods for a taste of her first trail riding experience. Along the trail were hidden friends which made the ride more interactive. Here is just one of the few friends we stumbled upon along the way...

The unpredictable terrain created more of a challenge for Oia to remain upright and centered on the horse; slopes, uphill, downhill, bumps, logs/water to cross over, and sharper turns. BUT, she rode like a pro.

Like I said... worth every stinkin' penny!


  1. OMG, you've given me Hippotherapy envy!! Ours is $85 for 40 minutes plus time to give the horse a treat, and we are in an indoor ring. I'll have to ask if we can move up to trail riding but somehow I don't think so. She looks so grown up and so awesome on that horse.

  2. I herby crown her Sweet Heart of the Rodeo

  3. That's so awesome. She DOES ride like a pro! It's so great to see her loving a therapy so much that will also benefit her greatly!
    Every time I see that girl, she makes my day! She is just so darn cute!

  4. Just a reminder that if you and Oia would like to come play with us tomorrow around 10 at the main playground to celebrate Landon's bday you are more than welcome. We will have pizza and cake as soon as the pizza arrives (around 12:15). If we don't see you there we will see you Monday.

    I meant to get a card to you today to thank you for Monday. We had a great time!

  5. Sebastian loves hippotherapy to. It's always worth the long drive. We are now on a wait list for a program here in Toronto, hopefully it won't be too long. Such a great therapy. Oia looks great!