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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ortho Update

Oia's right foot was measured for a compression sock about two weeks ago. The world's-most-expensive-not-covered-by-insurance sock should be ready for us any day. And no, it doesn't come in pink. The sock should alleviate the constant edema she experiences in her right foot and will be worn under her AFO. For as long as we can remember, since early infant days, edema has been a part of our story but hopefully the sock will zap the problem.

Also, we returned today to the same practice that fitted Oia for her sock to seek other options for a better, more functional right AFO. Previous braces have come from elsewhere (KCRC) and our experience with this ortho department has, for the most part, been easy. No complaints. But, like anything else we deal with, we are constantly asking ourselves if the brace we currently have is the best option for Oia thus giving her optimal potential for mobility. Her gait is always a work in progress and constantly changing and we have to make sure that Oia is getting the most out of her current orthotic, which for starters, we know is too small right now. Below are the soles of Oia's shoes; the only pair she wears with AFO. Notice the extreme wear on the inner right sole (which is the shoe pictured on the left). Oia leads with her dominant (left) leg and her weaker (right) leg has minimal dorsiflexion which causes a slight drag of her right foot. The shoes tell all...

Today's new perspective and second opinion on a revised AFO was found beneficial and a refreshing twist on what we current have for her. So, Little Miss was casted today for the new brace and she will be getting a better insole support for her left foot as well. Hopeful that the new brace, in connection with PT exercises, will support her foot better and allow more toe clearance/less drag and better leg/hip alignment. Tall order, I know, but worth aiming for.

Hope to have the new brace by the end of Sept, early October.


  1. I hope the new brace supports her better. We want only the best for sweet Oia!!

  2. you might need to start a compression sock business with all kinds of different colors and patterns!!