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Friday, October 1, 2010

PT: Balance and Step Ups

Oia had 2, one hour PT sessions of CME per week during Early Intervention with our wonderful PT. Since she now receives PT services through her preschool and is no longer in EI, we still chose to continue with private PT sessions but 1x/wk with the same wonderful PT. The once a week private session is where she practices CME, a method of PT that we attribute much of Oia's mobility and strength to.

First 2 videos are exercises that T will sometimes do with Oia. The goal of balancing while in mid air is for Oia to stand tall, potentially reach upward, to provide a decent stretch throughout her hip flexors. The student therapist is trying to encourage Oia to reach up and touch the ceiling (most CP kiddos have some degree of compensation which makes standing tall and straight very difficult, which is the case for Oia). Also, the movement in mid air is dynamic which creates a greater and constant challenge for Oia to maintain subtle weight shifts thus remaining balanced.

Same dynamic movement, different approach with beam:

The boxes below are greatly challenging. Oia must step tall, shift weight forward throughout her trunk and hips, while bending the lead leg knee. Tall order, especially without hand holds. She does fairly well but this CME exercise will be a part of our routine for a long time to come.

Not bad, really. More PT videos of CME coming soon...


  1. Oia is an amzing little girl, MO. She's doing an excellent job!!
    LOVE her laugh in the first video. Made my night! WAY too cute!

  2. How did you find someone who practices CME? Do you know how it compares to the Anat Baniel Method? This is very intriguing!

  3. I don't know what CME is but she looks AWESOME! Go Oia, you little star, you!

  4. Her laugh is contagious, Mo! She is doing WONDERFUL!

  5. That 1st video made me freak out! Thank God I'm too big for that now :)

  6. Awesome. Sebastian just started CME and it's hard work. Oia looks fabulous. Sebastian liked the videos too and especially hearing her laugh. So cute.