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Friday, October 1, 2010

Oia's Week

Our new life, that is post-early intervention, is moving along fairly well. I'm enjoying the change of pace and scenery as therapies are now at the therapy center, instead of at home. I feel a part of society again to actually have a reason to leave the house and drive Oia to school or therapy. The addition of preschool into our lives has only been minimally stressful and I know it will prove to be so instrumental to Oia's social development. Change is good.

I'm sure it goes without saying (as most of you in this boat well know) that any part of our day, scheduled or not, lends itself to countless therapeutic opportunities that we are, and forever will be, mindful of. Daily routines always turn into mini PT, OT or ST focuses however, here are the scheduled portions of Oia's typical week:

M: Preschool, 8-noon, PT and OT during school
T: Open for appointments, or 9:30-11:30 playgroup
W: Preschool, 8-noon, ST during school
R: Preschool, 8-noon, PT and OT during school
F: Private PT at center, 1 hour session of CME
S: Hippotherapy, 30 minute session
S: Open

Oia's a busy girl and life is good; but therapy makes it even better.

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