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Monday, June 25, 2012

Short and Sweet

It's officially summer and the girls and I are busy living each weekday without a plan in place. We wake and unless therapy is on the schedule, we do whatever we please as we please to do it. Popsicles for breakfast and watermelon for lunch. We're taking it easy and staying wet. But still, these busy little bodies that I am responsible for each and every second keep me hoppin'. And quite tired. Once the scent of sunscreen has been bathed off and replaced with Johnson and Johnson's and each are cozy and (hopefully) sound asleep under their favorite blankies for a long night of sweet dreams, I'm done. Tapped out. DONE. I sink into the couch, catch up with the most wonderful husband, and wish there was more left in me to pound out a coherent post. But most nights, there just isn't.

I wish I had the energy to sit down and tell you that Oia's new speech goals from Nancy Kaufman arrived last week in the mail. Also, in the mail arrived our new K-SLP Workout Book and Kit 1 cards and all 7 one-on-one sessions between Oia and Nancy arrived on DVD. Last week felt a little like Christmas when Santa brings everything on your list.

I wish I had the energy to tell you what a tiny miracle the K-SLP method has been for our family. In a nutshell, we are scripting and it is working. Totally working. The list of new words that Oia has spoken since camp at KCC would no doubt end up more long than she is tall. Some spontaneous, some from scripting. Beautiful, beautiful words. She begs to read the Workout book multiple times a day saying, Read me, peez... Read me, Mommy, peez. How cool is that?

I wish I had the energy to share with you that our sweet Esme is now mobile. Crawling everywhere, opening everything, and eating all in sight. It's baffling to witness. And it's inconceivable that her mobility has come without the aid of a therapist. And even more mind blowing that in one effortless motion, she can move from back, to tummy, to hands and knees, to sitting, to pulling up onto her knees with the intent to stand. All on her very own. Add to the bag of milestones the fact that she is speaking her first words (Momma, Dadda, uh-oh, dog) and now you've got one really amazed, blown-away Mommy experiencing Italy. What a neat place.

And I haven't even had time to share a word about Father's Day, which already seems like forever ago. We celebrated with a picnic by the river. Rob's first Father's Day as a Daddy of two. The Daddy of two very fortunate and unique girls. A Daddy who works very long, often stressful days, but one who still comes home each evening and helps with bathtime, simply because he wants to. A Daddy who unknowingly drives to work with a bucket of sidewalk chalk on the bumper of his car, and returns home with said chalk in hand and a huge smile on his face. A Daddy who asks to put the littlest to bed just so he can have some quality time with the one who seems to be growing up way too fast. He gives so much. And he rocks. I couldn't do a lick of this without him.

I know there is more. More to document and more to share. For now though, this must suffice. Tomorrow is a new day and one with two therapies, and whatever else we get ourselves into. It will be fun, whatever it is, but I'm already tired just thinking about it...


  1. What a beautiful post for your beautiful girls. Summer is fun but also exhausting! Happy to read your updates. And exacted for Oia and her communication.

  2. I so get the "busy and exhausted" thing! :)
    I love this post with it's pictures and beautiful happenings...you are one blessed mama!
    the picture of Esme and the bubbles is awesome

  3. So...........in all your spare time - you are writing that book, right? You are a powerful writer, Mo - you really should do it! Enjoy your summer - every exhausting / exciting moment!

  4. What a beautiful story. Love you guys. MiMi

  5. Love this post! Beautiful girls!

  6. Just now catching up with the blogs I follow! This was a great post. So glad to hear Oia is doing so well with her speech.