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Monday, March 11, 2013

Uneventful Update

Dare I jinx myself by saying that life has been, what I call, so wonderfully uneventful these days which might explain the lull between this post and my last one? And knowing that I am without my most supportive and eager reader leaves me somewhat unmotivated to put forth the effort and share what would always trigger the sweetest responses. My Grandma is missed, and greatly so, but according to Esme, "GG" might be closer to us than we realize.

Anyways, here I am today with some long overdue updates because life has a way of so sweetly rollin' on. For the sake of documentation, here goes.

Our second trial of giving Oia the anti-seizure med, Trileptal, is still going well. Two doses; one with breakfast and one with dinner. Side effects are none, seizures (knock on wood) have been absent, and overall it's a scenario that we are happy with. If only we could make the milky concoction taste better, but thank goodness for M&M's.

I've heard and read a bit about kiddos in the special needs world who are poor sleepers. For unexplained reasons, these kids do not naturally produce enough Melatonin (but I'm no MD so do not quote me on this). Although Oia is not a poor sleeper, she is, however, a bear to put to sleep; a crying, protesting bear that we have battled every night since almost infancy. Her body/brain just doesn't know how to quit. Her bedtime refusal could easily last 30 minutes, or longer. Easily. It's a horrible way for both parent and child to end the day. Enough was enough. So at last neuro follow-up, we questioned the use of Melatonin, a natural sleep aid, and her doctor wrote us a script for the liquid form. Oia and Esme call it cherry juice; Rob and I call it pure magic. After just 2ml's at bathtime, our girl becomes sleepy and willing to snuggle into her own bed. Finally a peaceful end to the day, and we all deserve at least that.

Our family took a brief escape to a Great Wolf Lodge last month with our dear friends, The Sharpe's. We bowled kiddie style, played some light game that I never got the name for, devoured too much pizza, and had two days to enjoy water play. We enjoyed the break of routine and the time spent with great friends. Weekends like this don't happen often enough but we're thankful when they do.

The Teaster abode is still on the market. It's been four months of trying to maintain this house so it appears as if no one lives here; ready for a showing on a moments notice. I'm in constant cleaning mode. Traffic has been slow but we are hopeful with warming weather we will get this house sold sooner than later. In the meantime, Rob and I have been meeting with our potential builder and tweaking floor plans on a home that will one day meet the needs of everyone who lives in it. It's so very, very exciting but frustrating all at the same time as we have property picked out; land ready to call ours, but no commitment can be made until this house sells. Holding patterns are not for us.

So, see. Overall uneventful. It's a good thing in our world. Just the way it should be to easily live in the moment and savor all the yumminess these two girls of ours have to offer. Up next in the books; appointments with ortho and ophthalmology. Hoping the uneventful remains.