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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Winter's Snow

Somehow living in a mountainous area and being surrounded by nothing but woods and blue sky, I have found myself content with winter's snow that I have never before cared for. There is a peace here at this new home of ours, inside and out. Snow covered trees that encompass our view is one of the most beautiful things I can imagine. Being snowed in creates a carefree mindset that separates us from all else, including the chaos of the real world that only a thick blanket of snow can suppress. The blanket of snow is heavy and powerful enough to slow us all down to a pace that life was intended to be lived. I've come to enjoy and appreciate winter's offering a bit more now than I ever have before. I do not love the snow but I'm learning to embrace the respite it provides and I do love the beauty of this place in the wintertime. And furthermore, I sure do as heck love these kids; all warm, plump, bundled and happy to just be.

New winter, new home, new feelings, and an immense appreciation for all of it. Life is and shall be good.