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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Home Sweet Home: Basement, Walls, and Roof

Nine weeks ago, our new home build officially began. Trees removed, dirt shuffled, rocks and boulders piled up, driveway created, and holes dug. Little by little, the space where we will soon live was opened up and brighten up and it already felt like a breath of fresh air. The hole quickly began to line with concrete and a basement took shape. It's become the biggest basement I have ever seen and one of the most intriguing places our girls have ever puddle jumped. The hollow space got a 10 for echo quality which created for squealier little girls. And by the way, squealier is a word in our house. So, puddle jumping in the basement. Write that down as the first memory made on Orchard Ridge.

And from the basement, one can only go up. Seeing the first stacks of lumber on site just a couple weeks into the project was real and exciting. Funny the things that make for a gratifying life as we grow, age, and mature. Stacked lumber of all things, and the smell of it, too. Ah yes, that's exciting stuff.

But even better, in a fairly quick manner, those stacks of lumber have become wall after wall after wall that have eventually come to resemble one big ol' giant-sized game of Pick-up Sticks. Home sweet home is taking shape nicely.

It's kind of exhilerating to be able to twist our way through the giant game, carefully weaving our steps under, over and through the hollow walls and spaces that will become our completed home. Pointing out future bedrooms, and windows, doorways, and closets, feels very much like the fortunate opportunity that it truly is. I can't help but think of all of the ways our family will grow over the years while housed inside these walls as we navigate and experience the bare bones of this place for the very first time. I pray often that the stake we have claimed will serve us well. And furthermore, serve well all of those who are near and dear that come to visit.

Progress is jogging along at a surprising pace. We are trying to be understanding of the fact that the heart and guts of the house will slow the process some but we are grateful for the progress thus far. We have witnessed crews working through the rain, in the evenings, and even on Sunday. As of this weekend, windows are in and the front door and the door between the garage and mudroom are in. Both front and back porches are taking shape and the upstairs guest room will be the last room to frame in, likely in the upcoming week. Tar paper lines the roof.

Come on, November. We are ready to have our space. Ready to feel settled. Ready to make some awesome memories. But who says you have to live in a home to make memories there? Not us. Teeter tottering in the garage, searching for the perfect walking sticks, and climbing the "rock palace". Yeah, we're gonna love it out here.