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Monday, December 9, 2013

Two Things

Tonight, just two things. Oh, there's always more but tonight just two will do.

First. We were able to get Oia scheduled for a round of Botox and casting. The procedure took place one week ago and now just two more weeks remain of the "boot", as Oia calls it. Aside from a very achy first 24 hours, she has done remarkably well this first week. It's never easy to tell the benefits of such a procedure while the cast is still on so it makes us even more anxious for the final removal. Seeing her heel just a little closer to the ground, with her knee slightly straighter, is all the Christmas I'll need.
And second. I alluded previously that there was a "big deal" thing our family might soon be thankful for. Now, it's safe to announce there is. After more than 2 years of Rob diligently yet patiently looking for land that our family could dig our roots into, we have finally found and closed on a 2.5 acre slice of rural mountain land. New county. Better school district. Slightly closer to Rob's work and Oia's therapies. So, onto a private gravel road, over a railroad track, around the bend, and down our wooded lane will soon be a single story home designed with our family's needs in mind. A place where one of our two girls will likely dwell well into adulthood. Or maybe not. But we feel so blessed to have the option of planning for this future now and *I* feel so blessed to have a husband that selflessly provides for our family in great and many ways. Guys, 2014 will be the year to clear some land and build a home! And it will also be the year for making (and documenting) some amazing memories along the way, too!