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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Up, Up and Away!

One of Oia's favorite things to do is hold onto or play around a railing. When she goes to the park, she only wants to climb up and down the ladder just so she can hold onto the railings (with our help of course). When we are at The Little Gym, she finds the set-up with the red parallel rails and walks in between them, over and over and over. Not sure why the fascination with rails, maybe this is still a sense of stability for her, but whatever the reason, she absolutely loves them. So, our 2-story home with steps and handrails is a slice of heaven to her. But naturally, standard handrails are too high for her and the steps a bit deep for little and challenged legs to tackle on their own...plus shifting her weight forward enough to lean in and step up each step has been next to impossible without adult assistance...until NOW!

Back in August, Rob and a buddy installed a pint-sized handrail for Oia. We have practiced climbing the steps with her since her own handrail was installed and it's fair to say that now she has mastered this challenge. We still have to be right behind her for safety but she certainly is stronger now and proof that CME exercises are making a difference in Oia's mobility and core strength.

This video doesn't show her alternating legs when stepping but she does do this from time to time without prompting. Clearly, stepping with the stronger leg (her left) is her preference.

Of course, we are so proud of her but I assure you no one is more proud than Oia herself.

Way to go, sweet girl!

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