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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Red Ride

When Oia was just a sitter, long before she could roll over or crawl, we bought Oia her first car. She loved it immediately. The car allowed Oia to sit while contained which kept her safe from falling over yet she had something in front of her to keep her hands and mind occupied. The car provided my back a break and freed up my arms so I could prepare dinner, do dishes, etc. In addition, Oia has always been a girl on the go, go, go so pushing her lap after lap around our house kept her satisfied. This car has definitely been one of those must-haves in our book.

Then, thankfully, Oia grew stronger and finally learned to walk. This led to her wanting to climb. She wanted to climb in and out of the car as opposed to stay seated and enjoy the ride. Her AFO's were cumbersome and her feet and knees would constantly get stuck in the car or wedged under the steering wheel which then just became more of a hassle than it was worth. So, we bid farewell to the beloved car and parked her in the basement. That was last winter.

But now, the car is back and has a new role. It's the perfect distraction during patch time! It has now become a toy for the outdoors as we push her for long walks along our quiet roads to keep her mind off of the patch. With two hands on the wheel, she seems to forget about wearing the patch for a while. She has rediscovered the thrills of a joyride and it is quite difficult to convince her it is time to get out. But once she's out, the next best thing is to take baby for a ride.

And just for fun...do you think she's a girl on the go, or what?

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  1. Freakin' Darling, MO! OMG, she is so cute! Faith had a little red car similar to Oia's and it was a treasured possession until she grew out of it! I love her GOing....