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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Snip, Snip

A hair cut for Miss Oia has been on the to-do list for a while now. Her ends were beginning to tangle and even up in a ponytail, her hair was wrapping around her neck which made for a sticky mess by the end of the day. So, we tried a new local kids salon in hopes of making the experience a fun one for her. To say she had "fun" may be an exaggeration but she was her usual self; patient and tolerant, and for the most part, very cooperative the entire time.

Have you ever seen such long hair on a 3 year old?

"Dear God, do they really think this is the look for me?"

Guess she decided to catch up on a few texts while she had the time...

Mirror, Mirror, on the wall...

After saying good-bye to 3 inches, Oia's hair was back up in her signature ponytail and then sprinkled with fairy dust. She then got to put a lock of her hair into a magic machine where it turned her hair into a special surprise; a new ring. A sweet surprise for a sweet girl.

Haircut for the Princess: Check.


  1. oh that hair!! When I saw the picture I thought it was an adult based on how long her hair was! That looks like a complicated process for a three year old's hair!

  2. Very cute! Love how she looked liked she was texting. :-D
    She did have very long hair! I bet Hanna's would be long like that too if I didn't keep it short. We like her signature cut "the Hanna-Bob" we call it. It suits her I think.
    Hanna's hair grows extrememly fast, and since her head grows extremely slow, hers gets long fast! :)

  3. Ok, Mo! I know you guys were at Snip Its, weren't you? I totally recognize the decor! That's where I used to take Faith! Sweet girl, I love that second picture!

  4. Yes, Candace, Snip-Its we were!