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Monday, August 15, 2011

Back to Preschool

Today was an exciting day. For Oia, it was her first day of her second year of preschool. She was so tickled to be going to school this morning and the fact that she could wear her brand new backpack was almost too much excitement for her little soul to handle. For me, today meant the end of one really busy summer therapy schedule that consisted of 4, sometimes 5, therapy sessions per week. Add in the occasional doctor's appointment and we were always coming or going somewhere. Our summer was consumed (by things not always so fun) and oddly, a new school year means a slow down for Oia and I.

She is in the same special ed preschool class this year with the same teacher and assistant. It's a good set-up for her and one that I am pleased with. There are a couple returning students from last year plus a couple new ones. She will be going to school every day, from 8:15 -1:30, except for Tuesdays, which is reserved for our usual private PT and ST. She will also get all therapies while at school, but I'm adjusting her IEP soon to lessen her therapy load. I want this year to be the year for academic focus and Kindergarten preparation so instructional time in the classroom must be the priority. I feel like physically Oia is in a good place and we can back off a bit where therapy is concerned.

I'm anxious to see what progress and gains will come this year of our social and vocal butterfly. I'm most hopefully for more language development and if we're lucky, some gains in the potty training department as well. She has so much potential and determination ~ there is nothing she can't do.

Go get 'em, little girl! Learn away!


  1. There is nothing she cant do, for sure.
    Can't wait to see all the gains she'll make this year!

  2. So cute! Mine heads back on Monday for day 1 of year 2 as well. And communication and potty training are top on our wish list, too. Hope Oia has a wonderful year with lots of "growth spurts" as I like to call them!

  3. Little Miss Independent! Love it!

  4. HI MO


  5. Ur daughter is son cute. I wish my Samantha could stand and walk like OIa.