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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Ohio Visit in Pictures

Here is a long overdue picture recap of our Ohio visit earlier this month. Visits with GG, NeNe, PawPaw, Aunt B, Uncle Brent, Mamaw, and other loved family members don't come often enough for our little lover. Oia adores the company and the swarm of those who love her most. And she proudly got to introduce her little sister to those meeting Esme for the first time.

One of those people would be GG, Oia and Esme's great-grandmother:

And the funny guy, their Great Uncle Paul:

Mamaw enjoyed warm snuggles with Esme:

The girls had an evening to play with cousins, Dani and Ellee:

And pretty much what Oia wanted to do, she did. Like drive around the yard with Uncle Brent:


And even on the lawn mower with NeNe:

Aunt B's lil' project partner:

We visited with other Aunts and more cousins as well but it's hard to remember the camera for every detail these days. I didn't realize until after our return that somehow my Dad escaped the camera. I'll be sure to remedy that when we meet again for the holidays. But overall, a good time was had by all.

Having some place to go is Home.
Having someone to love is Family.
Having both is a Blessing.


  1. A blessing for sure. So glad you had a nice trip "home".

  2. Oia must have been in Heaven.
    Little Esme looks like she made herself at home too.