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Friday, July 20, 2012


One of my greatest pleasures of being a mother is seeing the innocent smiles that surface on my girls faces each morning. They always wake happy. Always. Messy hair, eyes still sleepy, but emerging smiles shine bright. Best feeling ever. Today, I was especially eager to receive my morning smiles from our tiny Esme' as it was the morning of her very first birthday.

I kept eyeing the clock all morning. The girls and I played on the floor but the countdown to 9:33am was on. I wasn't going to let that minute, the very minute Esme was born exactly one year ago, come and go without notice. Or reflection. It would be just 60 quick seconds but I was determined to savor all 60 of them.

With Esme playing on the floor in front of me, and Oia beside me, and all of us still in our pj's, 9:33am came. Oia and I cheered and clapped and Esme mimicked our excitment. I said Happy Birthday to Esme way too many times while lathering her sweet neck and cheeks with just as many kisses. My happiness and gratitude in that single minute flowed over in the form of a couple tiny tears. Second best feeling ever.

And Rob, who was out of state for work this morning, was apparently thinking the same thing as I. Although focused on meetings, 9:33am stood no chance of sliding by him either. His text to my phone at that exact time read "Happy Birthday, Esme". We weren't all here together, but together we thought of and celebrated our Esme at the very moment she made us a family of four. She sure is something else, and her big Sis thinks so too... and it's hard to fathom that now she's already one year old. What a neat year it's been.

Happy Birthday, sweet Me'Me'... We love you dearly, little girl.


  1. Happy birthday Esme!

  2. Wow! A year old!! Happy Birthday Esme!!

  3. Sweet sweet sweet! Happy birthday Esme! What a very special day for you all. ( I can't believe how the time flies!!!)

  4. Oh, how wonderful! That year went by fast. Happy birthday sweet little girl! :) Much love to you all.