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Wednesday, August 22, 2012


At some point, clearly when I wasn't looking, my firstborn was whisked away and replaced with such a beautiful young girl that today I fail to adequately describe. My poor attempts at painting her picture with words, words that do her no justice, only muddy the vibrant and unique soul she is still becoming. She is more than words. More than I am capable of explaining. More than I can yet to comprehend. She's wonderous and mighty. And today, she is five. One whole hand old.

Five is a big deal. Five years with Oia has taken us here, there, and everywhere. Literally and emotionally. But still, not one day has slipped by us in the last five years that we haven't celebrated her or something of her. Each and every day she has worked hard to overcome what most never have to think of. Her victories are hard earned and tackled with grace. Her daily slivers of progress continue to poke through and inspire us. Her progress makes us laugh and cry all at the same time and how wonderful that feels. She's come a long way from that quiet baby who once made me question one of the professionals in our lives, "when will she ever reach up to let me know she wants held?" I barely remember that baby. Seems so long ago.

Oia, I've said it before but I must say it again, no one has or ever will deliver so eloquently the lessons you have taught us thus far. The beauty and joy you bring to our life is more than we deserve and the pride we experience while you walk us through this life is absolutely overwhelming. You are the third in this family of four, wedged so tightly in the middle that should you ever venture out of your independent (ehem, hard-headed) ways, then I guarantee you'll find one of us right beside you. Please reach out for a hand that I promise will be there should you ever need it. We know you'll do the same. Until then, carry on and just be you ~ because you are something else. Thank you for the sweetest of five, colorful, fabulous years. We love, love, love you unconditionally from the very bottom of our hearts. Happy Day, Beautiful!


  1. Happy Day Oia!!!
    This is a very sweet post, Mo. :)

  2. Welcome to five, Oia. I'm enjoying it so far. Love, Eli

  3. Tracie Patrick and SavannaAugust 22, 2012 at 5:02 PM

    Wow 5 years. It really is just a blink of the eye. Happy 5 th sweet Oia. You really are an inspiration to us all.



  5. Happy Birthday Oia- Did you get our present? Love- Cousins Callie and Colton