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Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween at UVa

Halloween on the Lawn at UVa is always over before we know it, but each and every year we end the night by saying "Man, that was SO much fun!" Hundreds of costumed people of all ages flock the Lawn to not only fill their bags (or their children's) with unnecessary amounts of sugar but to simply mingle while admiring and adoring all the creative attire. The historic grounds surrounding the famous Rotunda and the atmosphere of the evening really are amazing.
After picking Oia up from school, we headed straight into town to meet Daddy "at work", whose office is a part of the UVa health system and walking distance from the Lawn. Oia dressed as a black cat and Esme would tell you she was a "mernaid", which she demanded to be at least two months ago. Poor Elmo fell off her radar shortly after her birthday party and since then 'mernaids' have swooshed in as this 2 years olds current obsession.

As soon as we arrived to the Lawn, we funneled into line to begin our evening as beggars. We allowed the girls to fill the bottom of their bags before breaking from the line and venturing out into the more open spaces of the Lawn. And as all the years before, Oia just sat down in the cool grass as her heart pleased to absorb the craziness and endulge in some chocolate. Instant gratification. Little sister agreed that was a fine idea.

Oia amazes us. Not an ounce of fear could be seen on her face this year as she scanned over many costumes; some of which would have scared her in the past. This year though, she couldn't get close enough despite size and spook factor. She was on a quest to check out everything. The return of the famous viking crew fascinated her, and everyone else for that matter.
And so did the walking dinosaur skeleton, or whatever that thing is...
But Esme? Not so much. She took refuge in the safety of our arms until the scene was clear of horned men and other mysterious figures. You never know about those walking dinosaur things or what they may do...
The pups in costumes were far more Esme's speed. And I do believe the ratio of costumed animals to costumed people was nearly equal. The littlest Teaster has a deep passion for the four legged friends.
Then of course, you know, you have the random sea creature, banana, gingerbread man, and slice o' pizza. Supreme, of course.

Oia made friends with them all. So neat to see her bust out of her shell and take on the little things that were once her big things. We found ourselves trailing behind her as she bravely left us when a certain costume caught her eye. Rob and I would just look to one another, shrug our shoulders, and laugh in a way that translated to oh well, I guess we're going this way now!
Our family's 5th annual Halloween on the Lawn at UVa was another Halloween night well spent. It's one of our favorite family traditions thus far and I'm willing to bet the girls would agree. Neither of them were happy campers about returning to the car even though this year we stayed long enough to see the place clear out. All good things must come to an end though but Man, that was so much fun!

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  1. Such a gorgeous building! But even more, those dressed up girls of yours. They're absolutely perfect. Your Esme reminds me of Hailey. We may just have to get together on of these days.