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Monday, April 7, 2014

Brief Update and Early Spring Favorites

This side of the world is finally waking and boy, are we ever glad. Budding orchards, greening grass and big fat robins are a welcomed sight after such a dreadfully long winter filled with way too much of that white stuff. Spring is beautiful no matter how you slice it, but Spring in these mountainous parts is simply spectacular.

Spring, although beautiful, is fickle too. She took her sweet time getting here and the temperatures have been all over the thermometer but we are believing in only warmer days from here on out. We have our light jackets, rainboots, and "bented" umbrella waiting at the door should she decide to be stingy with her sunshine and offer rain instead which, today she is. And lest we forget we have one really cool bike and an even cooler bike rider that willingly rides through the puddles or the sunshine. Bike rides don't discrminate over the weather. Besides, her little sister rates sloshy mud and puddles just below her #1 spot of popsicles so rain or shine, it's all good.

As a follow-up to the previous post, our bike rider is back on the mend and currently coasting on the downhill. For now at least. Her recent bout with seizures was the first encounter of it's kind for us and it had us all (school and home) on high alert. It was likely the common case of an outgrown dosage of seizure medicine that she began over a year and a half ago. About 7 monsters visited in roughly a 3 week window before the mutiple attempts at adjusted dosages of Trileptal took effect. Oia's recent blood work reveals that there is still room to increase her new dose per day should anything return. So that's the good news. Only time will tell. Unfortunately though, I believe these bouts will occur so long as our girl continues to grow.

Once we finally got a good hold on the seizure bit, the sweet child ended up with a powerful virus and croup. Sounds like a lovely way to spend an entire week of spring break, doesn't it? Fever, fatigue, cough, trip to the doctor... bleh. Silver lining though is that the illness occured during spring break or otherwise Oia would have likely missed a week's worth of school. Thankfully, I wheeled through the car cirle this morning with a back-to-normal, happy, and healthy Oia who was eager to be back in action. Her spring break is over and so is her crud. Now it's Esme's turn.

And because I'm feeling like I have better photographs than words today, I'll leave you with some recent favorite photos containing some, but not all of, the reasons my cup is runneth over. I'll be back soon to share about Buddy Ball, updates on our land and build project, and anything else that's remotely note-worthy between now and then. Happy Spring, ya'll! Be well.

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  1. I LOVE these pictures. Beautiful girls you have there. So glad to hear everything is going well.