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Monday, March 15, 2010

CME: Stepping In and Out

As I've mentioned before, maneuvering steps and the act of stepping over an obstacle are currently huge focuses in PT. Oia has been doing a fabulous job at stepping up, stepping down and stepping in and out of the various CME set-ups with minimal assistance.

These videos show Oia stepping over and into the middle of two planks, then stepping over and out again. This is quite beneficial for Oia in many ways. First, she must be able to maintain balance while shifting ALL of her weight onto one leg while the other leg (the lead leg) has to lift and go over the plank. Then, she has to be able to equally shift weight back onto both legs so that she can remain standing and do it all over again. In addition to shifting weight side to side, Oia must be able to lean and shift her weight forward enough to make it over the planks. Side to side shifts and forward shifts at essentially the same time....quite challenging to say the least.

First video... Oia is leading with her preferred leg, the right one. Although the right leg is her weaker leg, it is easier for her left leg to bear all the weight while she leads with the right. Make sense?

Last video... Oia is now leading with the left leg, shifting weight onto her right. This is the hardest shift for her to make but she seems to handle it with some ease.

Note that our PT is providing Oia with a greater challenge by only supporting Oia at her ankle on ONE leg. The lower the support, the harder Oia has to work. I witness Oia doing CME every PT session and then some and it's still amazing to me each and every time how direct and effective this therapy is for her.


  1. Mo, she is doing great! She manages it with grace! It is so cool to see her doing all those neat exercises....

  2. That is fantastic! How did you even find out about CME? I have not really hear about anyone doing it in our area. Is it just for kids learning to walk and gain stability?

  3. Go Oia!! She made that look easy!!

  4. Carrie,

    CME is not just for kids learning to walk but for all abilities and ages (as I understand)... that's the beauty of this therapy. I have seen kiddos who have little head and truck control doing CME geared specifically to strengthen those areas. If you'd like more info and perhaps a contact number of someone who can help point you in the right direction, contact me via email and I'd be glad to help however I can. In the meantime, check out cuevasmedek.com ...the testimonial vids are powerful.

  5. OMG she is doing GREAT!! Love both videos--but her smile in the last one is golden. She is so proud of herself! Yay!