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Friday, March 5, 2010

Mission: Steps

Steps...extreme terrain in our world but thank goodness our little daredevil loves a challenge.

Last weekend Rob, with the help of our friend Jason, installed another half-pint sized handrail in our home. Oia loves the challenge of steps and would rather spend ALL DAY playing around on them if I only had the patience to let her. The act of stepping up and down, alternating legs and shifting weight appropriately, is a huge part of Oia's IFSP goals right now so she does a lot of CME in PT that are geared for this specific skill. She is certainly getting stronger by the week.

In the video, you'll see she is stepping up the steps with her body parallel to the wall. This is what she figured out on her own (and this handrail has only been up now for one week). The handrail is on her right side which means she MUST involve Righty (her weaker side). She does a super job of using Righty but still feels the need to secure herself with Lefty which is why she turns her body and holds on with both hands. Fine with me, whatever works...just proof there is more than one way to get to the top of the mountain.


And the stepping down...not too shabby. I always hold her right hand while she and I step down together (for safety reasons of course) but this time Rob stayed within reach and let her do this all her own. She is something else.


  1. The fact that the rail has only been there one week, and she did all the figuring for herself is amazing!
    What a strong little girl you have there. :)

  2. YEAH!!!!! OIA! What an amazing little girl you are, sweetie! So happy, Mo! She is a rockstar!

  3. Way to go Oia!!! That is awesome:)

  4. I'm impressed!

    I just had to comment - we installed a toddler-height handrail in our home when our firstborn was at the same stage. I don't know of anyone else who has done that! Barbara