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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween at UVA

Last year, we experienced Halloween on UVa's Lawn. The Lawn is a beautiful and historic part of UVa's campus that houses honor students and some faculty who generously open their doors to pass out candy to swarms of cleverly disguised kiddos. I'll always remember Halloween at UVa as one of the first places we were eager to take Oia to once she began walking independently, which was around this time last year. Our hearts were swollen with pride as it was a big deal; a celebration of sorts, to witness her finally participate at such an event on her own two feet. We had such a wonderful time there last year that before even leaving, Rob and I told each other we'd be back with Oia again this year. Tonight was the night.

Our ladybug wasn't feeling completely herself, thanks to the sniffles courtesy of preschool, but she still managed to work the crowd for a few pieces of her beloved chocolate. We trick-or-treated our way through a few stops but Oia was perfectly content to people watch by simply poppin' a squat right in the midst of it all to enjoy her chocolatey treats.

After a belly full of chocolate, she decided to mingle a bit. She led the way, Rob and I followed.

We stumbled along many other lady bugs, lots of bumble bees, princesses; you name it, we saw it. But the highlight of our evening was stumbling into a very special gnome along the way. Oia was intrigued and actually shook the little fella's hand as if to say "Nice to meet'cha!" Probably one of the cutest things we've ever seen.

Good times. More memories. What else could we ask for?


  1. Look at her bein all polite and shakin his hand! Most adorable thing I've seen all month!

  2. Absolutely adorable! So glad you shared this.

  3. I had no idea such a thing occured at UVA. Such a great idea. I think I would've turned it into a people watching event too.

    That last picture must be added to your
    sidebar. I must see it multiple times a week to put a smile on my face.

  4. I am so jealous! We wanted to go to the Lawn...but we couldn't make it this year, and last year E wasn't proficient enough with her crutches.

    SO GLAD you all had a great time! And I love the pic of Oia's gnome buddy!

    So proud of your cute little ladybug!

  5. She makes the cutest little ladybug I've ever seen!
    That little gnome takes second place for sure. So cute how she shook his hand! Glad you had such a nice time...this year, and last!

  6. Oh how I love watching kids interact. This is why I posted a whole series of shots of Hannah getting her little boyfriend to feed her before I even put up a regular Halloween post! I love the gnome! I love her two handing her MATCHING treat bag to get her candy out! Awesome Oia!!