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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Hippo: Righty Rides

Another session of hippotherapy... another great morning. B, Oia's therapist, recently added noodles to the barn which Oia really enjoys riding through.

The noodles have several great therapeutic purposes; reaching up/out, grasping, etc. Here is a video of Oia stopped under the noodles to encourage the use of Righty. She is getting by with bonking one of the volunteers on the head with a noodle, simply because she is actively using two hands. (This girl can get by with just about anything as long as Righty is involved.) Notice that once she is turned around facing forward again, she grabs a hold of the handles with both hands, just before B gives her the verbal cue to do so. Awesome.


  1. Your hippotherapy posts always give me hippotherapy envy! I might show them this and see if they want to set up a noodle curtain, and of course, I covet your trail riding. Maybe we'll get to do that after another season or two . . . one therapist said she heard they had trails but has never seen anyone go on them, everyone stays in either the indoor or outdoor ring.

    What a beautiful horse Oia has!

    And of course, she does look awesome and so, so, so strong on that horse. Well done, Mo!

  2. I can't say enough how stinking adorable her laugh is!! That little girl could light up a room. She's doing awesome with righty...
    She's amazing.