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Thursday, January 6, 2011

CME Payoff

Oia has been practicing CME for almost a year and a half. For us, it's made all the difference. It works for us. A big focus as always been learning to balance and shift weight, and control only the muscles required to step up and down a small step WITHOUT support or assistance. There are moments when Oia steps over a toy, or the rarer moments when she masters a step up or down without a handhold or handrail and I exclaim to all who will listen, "She's been practicing that in CME!" To see her do something in the 'real world' that we have practiced over and over and over again in therapy is.... well, nothing really quite describes it.

One of those glorious moments happened during our recent visit to my parents house. Below is one of the step obstacles that Oia practices each session. This specific obstacle isn't set up with CME equipment but the methodology is basically the same. Note she leads (steps up) with her weaker leg so that she lands (steps down) on her stronger leg.

And now for the payoff... and FYI, this is one month post Botox and sans AFO.

How awesome is THAT?!


  1. Oh my gosh!!! That's AWESOME Mo!!! You give that girl a big "way to go" hug for me!

  2. WOW! She looks so fabulous! What a little star! Well done, ladies!

  3. Totally awesome! I love to see her go, go, go!