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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Holiday Review '10

Happy New Year, everyone! Long time, no blog, but I'm back...

We woke Christmas morning from our own beds, in our own quiet house, and sat in front of our own tree to unwrap a few of our own presents. Previous years, we traveled to Ohio to spend Christmas Day but this year we opted to be at home, just the three of us, and it was lovely.

Plans were made to travel to Ohio the day after Christmas but with the predicted "winter weather" headed this way late Christmas Day, we chose to leave ahead of the storm later Christmas afternoon. Last year's traveling nightmare is still fresh on our minds and there was no way we would chance a repeat version of those hellish 30 hours. We made a smart choice to leave early, we saw not one snowflake all the way.

First leg of the trip was spent with Rob's family, just north of the Cincinnati area. Oia had a grand time with her Mamaw (Rob's mother), not to mention the extra special attention from her cousins Callie and Colton. Oia also spent some time with aunts, uncles, and our long time friends, The Tack family, who were in the area from Wisconsin. Good times.

Oia snuggles with Mamaw and cousin Colton

Oia with Mamaw and cousins Callie and Colton

Next and last leg of the trip was to my family's neck of the woods, about 2 more hours north. There, we stayed with my parents and visited with lots of extended family; aunts, uncles, cousins, and my grandmother who Oia refers to as GG. Visits with her are always a highlight of our stay. Rob spend many hours of quality time helping my dad in his workshop. The two were busy building a dresser. On New Years Day, we celebrated with my Uncle Paul as he wed his love at precisely 1:11 in the afternoon.

Oia and cousin Dani enjoying a cheesy snack

Oia with her Grandma (my mother), aka NeNe, trying out her new raincoat and matching umbrella

GG lets Oia play with her wallet, one of Oia's favorite things to do

These are all memories to treasure, especially since visits like this happen maybe twice a year. We finally returned late Monday night. Back to my beloved routine.


  1. I love the picture of Oia with the wallet! I spent the majority of Christmas day at home too. I have to say I think I enjoy a quiet Christmas day better.

  2. I've missed you guys!!
    It's nice to have a quiet Christmas for sure! I'm glad you got some time for just you three. It looks like you have an amazing family to visit though, too!!