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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

10 Piggies!

Oia started her day with an hour of OT, immediately followed by an hour of PT. Not an unusual occurrence at our house. Both sessions went very well.

Her OT and PT leave us with therapy progress notes after each visit. A snip of her PT notes from today reads as follows: "Oia is doing wonderfully with her progress in standing and walking. Today she walked around the living room w/o falling and with only supervision. (Actually), she fell once right onto her bottom and on one occasion got up from the floor to stand all by herself."

Why is this so exciting? May not sound any different than any other day, does it?

Wrong! Today was with no shoes and no AFO's. All 10 piggies in plain view...bare feet! Steps with control and heels almost to the ground.


At some point very soon we will try to share a video of the new progress.

(I'm smiling.)

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