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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Camp Righty: Home Program Update

Ever since Camp Righty has been over, we've been trying to make Oia wear her left arm splint for about 20-30 minutes each day. Trying. Putting on her splint is a two-man job so for me getting it on during the day while Rob is at work is next to impossible. The solution has been to put the splint on after each therapy session, with the help of whatever therapist is here that day.
It's safe to say she wears the splint for at least 4 days out of the week.

Today, Oia and I played with Play-Doh while she wore the splint. Usually, grasping the rolled balls and releasing them back into the container is what we practice. She did this well towards the end of Camp Righty and she still has the same precision and strength in her grasp now. This skill has come a lonnnng way.

We have noticed Oia using Righty more and more. She is using her right hand now with more spontaneity than she ever has before. There were certain toys that we played with constantly during Camp Righty, like her bead necklaces, and she will still play with those toys using both hands. Every now and then, Rob and I find ourselves saying to each other, "Hey, look at that. She did that with BOTH hands!" We joke that she can get by with just about anything as long as Righty is involved.

Below she is trying to open the basement door to help Rob back in. That's a big stretch for her. Nice job, Oia!

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