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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Disney Live!

I know there are countless of parents out there who wished their kiddo didn't watch so much TV. But, I admit. I wish my child would simply slow down and sit down long enough to watch a cartoon in its entirety. Actually, if she just slowed for 10 minutes I'd be happy (although for a child with CP, I realize what a blessing this is). But NEVER has my sweet Oia done such a thing. So, when I suggested to Rob that we should take Oia to a local performance of Disney Live! Three Classic Fairy Tales, I felt a little out of my mind as such shows are generally over an hour long.

It's one of those you-never-know-until-you-try kind of things and Rob was game. But first, I knew our seats had to be good and close since its safe to assume that Oia's visual impairments play a role in her attention span, or lack of. I called the venue prior to ordering tickets. I explained Oia's needs and explained that the proximity of our seats to the stage could determine the quality of Oia's experience. We were offered 8th row on the floor. Quite close. I was hopeful this would be the perfect ticket (no pun intended) for a quiet and still, fully engaged, mesmerized Oia. And it was. For all of about 5 minutes.

Despite talking up the show in the days prior, she wasn't that into it. She clapped a couple of times and jumped with a few loud noises but quickly lost interest. Socializing with the faces that sat around us and climbing the steps of the arena were her only interest. I wrestled to keep her in my lap while Rob held Esme ~ who by the way ~ was the quiet, fully engaged, mesmerized one. We left at intermission. Oia was over it and the tighter I squeezed to contain her busy little body, the more frustrated she became. What do ya' do?

The only picture I got of the girls decked out in their princess shirts was this one after we got back to the car (sigh). We tried. Looks like we won't be heading to Disneyworld anytime soon...


  1. Awe...bummer. You wouldn't have know until you tried!
    The girls looked adorable though!

  2. Maybe next time you should try a monster truck show. Two of our friends have taken their four and five year olds to one lately. I was surprised, but they loved it. Me, I prefer Disney!