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Monday, April 16, 2012

Field Trip Fun

Today we spent most of the day with Oia's preschool class on a field trip to the Children's Museum of Richmond. By "we" I mean the whole family. I asked Rob to join us for the day and he abandoned his busy work load and made it happen. A good Daddy, no doubt.

The CMoR reserved the day for visitors with special needs. I am thankful for and appreciate such accommodations. The crowd was minimal and the day was very enjoyable. Lots to safely climb on, pretend with, "drive", explore and touch. It's was right up Oia's alley.

Our busy body roamed the place like she owned it. She led while I followed, and did my best to keep up. She needed no coaxing to try something new or to venture in a new direction. She was up, down, in and out of structures with very little help from us, if any at all. She has come such a long way. Will the awe I feel for this child ever wear off?

And not to be left out...

Lil' sis, who was so good the whole day, got to do some exploring too. And she thoroughly enjoyed herself. She's the other pint-sized individual I stand in awe of.


  1. I second the awesome feeling those sweet girls give!

  2. You will be awed their entire lives!

  3. How awesome that Rob took the day off too! I remember someone telling me once that when you start down the back nine, you'll never count the days you took off to be with your family but rather the ones you didn't. Love you guys for making family and friendships a priority. That is what makes every day something to look forward to. Love-and I mean it! Mimi Butler

  4. I love the pics! Oia looks SO tall! Is she taller than the other kids in her class? Callie has always been that way- She said Oia is just like me- taller than everyone else! Love the updates- Hope to talk to you soon- Please call us!