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Saturday, October 31, 2009

A BEE-utiful Halloween

Yesterday we experienced the thrill of trick-or-treating on the Lawn at UVa. Each year the students of the university host the event which is free to the community. We debated whether or not Oia was ready for something like this since she is still new to the walking thing, especially knowing the crowd that this event brings each year. The weather was warm and Rob works next to the Lawn so we decided to meet him there and give it a go. She walked holding our hands when the crowds were tight but when on the grassy lawn we let her walk as she pleased. This was her night. We were tickled to see our 'bumble bee' experience Halloween on her own, walking among other bees, dogs, ducks, ladybugs, cowboys and witches. We all had a wonderful time and will certainly venture there again next Halloween.

And if Oia could talk she'd tell you that the juggler in the crazy hat was by far the best part of her night. She stood there mesmerized for what felt like an hour watching this guy. It's the little things in life, right?
Final picture is from the pumpkin patch at Belvedere Plantation. We went there last weekend with Oia's friend Elena (who also has cerebral palsy) and her family. Notice that Oia is holding the vine with both hands, thanks to a verbal reminder.

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