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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Milestones and Therapy Schedule

Oia’s Developmental Milestones

Independent sitting – 8 months
Rolling over - ~15 months
Transitioning from lying on back to sit – 16 months
Creeping/commando crawling – 19 months
Reciprocal crawling (crawling on hands and knees)– 20 months
Cruising – 21 months
Climbing up stairs – 22 months
Sit to stand (from chair) – 20 months
First steps with forward walker – 18 months
First steps without assistance – 21 months
Controlled walking with close supervision only- 24 months

Current Therapy Schedule

Physical therapy 2x/wk
Occupational therapy 1x/wk
Speech therapy 2x/mo

First Constraint Induced Therapy (CIT) - 10 months old, duration of 21 days, through UNC
Second CIT - 25 months old, duration of 30 days, through Kluge Children's Rehabilitation Center, UVA

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