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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Eye Surgery

Unfortunately, that's what is next up in line for Oia.

Ever since Oia has been in glasses (since 4 mo. old) we have been monitoring her eye condition very closely. It hasn't been until the last 6 months or so that surgery has even been a topic of discussion at her eye appts. But, what was once in the distant radar is now right in front of us.

We began 'patching' Oia's dominant eye, her left eye, via Atropine drops in early summer. We went to the doctor after 3 months of dropping and there was little to no change in her right eye. Dr. recommended that we give it another 2 months of dropping and see what happens. Well, we went to the doctor yesterday and same status...little or no change in her weak eye. Weak eye still remains inward most of the time and she can't seem to bring the eye over far enough to use her peripheral vision at all which means left eye is doing all the work of both eyes. Not good. So, doctor was ready to schedule Strabismus/Eye Muscle surgery yesterday saying it was "no big deal, a quick, minimal, out-patient procedure, brief recovery". But hold up here...since when is surgery of any kind no big deal ... maybe when it's NOT your child! Oia will go under with anesthesia and her eye will be opened. Seems like a big deal to me. I realize we must do this for her to enhance her chances of seeing the world the way the rest of us can. However, we have our feet on the breaks a bit right now as we wait for our next appt. with a new opthalmalogist in northern VA. We have heard fabulous comments about this doctor and his practice so we will value his opinion on the suggested surgery. Who knows, we may even transfer Oia's eye care over to this practice if we gel more with this doctor than her current one.

So surgery it is. But not until we get some questions answered. Is this the only surgery for Oia's eye conditions? Is this the right age or the right time to do the surgery? What are the risks? How soon until she undergoes the same surgery again since research shows the first round doesn't usually hold for most kids?

Second opinion appointment is November 10th. More to come then.

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  1. I'm considering a second opinion on Charlie's eyes as well. His doctor is quite good, but eyes are so tricky. Our next appointment should be in November. If I don't like what I hear there then I may seek a second opinion.