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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Eye Looks Good

Post-op appointment today was quick and painless. Basically today's appointment was to check for infection and proper healing. All looks good. The white of Oia's eye is still slightly pink, or blood-shot, but hardly noticeable at all.

Dr. P said her right eye may look over-corrected now (looks outward slightly) and according to him that is perfectly normal for now. I'm glad he mentioned this first because this was an immediate concern of mine. He explained that because the eye has looked toward the bridge of her nose for so long, the inner muscle rarely, if ever, was used resulting in a very weak muscle. It will take time for this inner muscle to strengthen in its new position. The good news is that it's obvious that Oia is trying to use her right eye. We know this because she turns her head slightly to the left to face the right eye forward. This is a good sign that there is vision to work with, maybe more than we all had realized. The true measure of progress post surgery is around 6 weeks and so that is when we return to Dr. P. At that time, he will also check for any prescription changes and adjust accordingly. In the meantime, we are to resume Atropine drops as a form of patching to her left eye; 1 drop every two days. Maybe we'll have better luck with drops post surgery than we did prior to. Let's hope.

Dr. P also said there is only a 10% chance of a second surgery but I think that's a gutsy assumption at this stage of the game. Only time will tell.

We are so glad we had this procedure done. It's neat to see her look at us with both eyes now. Though her vision is still a work in progress and far from perfect, we have a lot to work with and even more to be thankful for.

(Photo was taken at today's appointment. Apparently, sitting in the chair wasn't nearly has fun as standing in it.)


  1. Mo, glad to hear she is healing! I am so nervous about this surgery for Faith. I cancelled her eye appointment on Tues, b/c I knew that the Dr. was gonna get on my case about scheduling this. Another month to think about it. Maybe she will be mostly healed and I can hear all about your experiences with it!

  2. Cute pic! I'm loving the boots!

    So glad that she is healing very well and that you are seeing her use her right eye now. That is very good news!

    Good luck with the drops! Let us know how the appt goes at six weeks post op!

  3. That all sounds like very good news! Way to go Oia! Looking forward to hearing about the next appointment.

  4. Great that here eye is healing.

    Happy to know that I am not the only mom taking pictures in the dr offices!

  5. Holy smokes that girl has GROWN. Definitely a big girl now! That Paula Deen Diet is paying off! See you soon!