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Monday, February 1, 2010

Relinquish the Fork

Today was another appointment. We visited with Oia's Developmental Pediatrician which we do every 6 months for a wellness check up. These are smooth appointments and generally we are in and out. Today was no exception. Oia was weighed, measured and head circumference taken....the usual. I only remembered her weight was 25lbs. Oia has never been 'on the charts' since the day she was born so these are never numbers I hold onto or get anxious about. I've said before, as long as Oia is steadily growing along her own curve then I am more than happy with that. So, today was a bit of a shocker when Dr. K cheerfully said to me "She's on the charts!"

Uh? Really? So that's what those charts look like! She is in the 10th %tile for both height and weight but on is on.

Needless to say, I guess chasing Oia around the house with a spoon or fork full of something edible has finally paid off. Not only a fork full but a fork full of a 'bite too big' as my husband likes to inform me of. Or, maybe it's been all those after dinner Reese's cups that have done the trick...

So, it is confirmed safe by Dr. K to relinquish the fork and allow Oia to begin feeding herself on her own these days. She does self feed with utensils from time to time, a little everyday really, but truthfully, I felt a full belly was far more important at this stage than whether or not she could stab the toddler delicacies of mac-n-cheese and peaches. I've always felt better just knowing she was fed and full and that her little body was nourished enough so I have remained in control over the fork. Until now.

Let the real messes begin. I guess my new tool of the trade will have to be my mop.


  1. YEAH, Oia! This is great news...fantastic, even! Yes, momma, it may be that time. So happy for her and for you.

  2. I'm always weighing the cleanliness of my kitchen again Charlie working on self-feeding with a fork or spoon. He's good for about two bites and then he throws the utensil down and starts shoveling. Not pretty.