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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My Big Girl

Oia is growing more and more independent and seems so 'big' these days. It's really quite remarkable the changes we've seen her go through in just the last month or so. Cognitive changes. She is choosing to play more on her own now (though she still prefers to play with someone) and she's into exploring and climbing and constantly on the go. Seems a bit weird to even see these words typed out in front of me as it sounds kind of normal and some days I can't believe it but how very blessed and thankful we are for the little girl, rather the big girl, that she is becoming. I can't help but think that a year ago I wasn't even able to imagine what she could possibly be capable of today; physically or mentally.

I live for moments with Oia that can't be captured on camera. Moments that are hidden among the daily routine. Moments when Oia does something because she completely understood what I just said. Her first neurologist told Rob and I that we quickly needed to familiarize ourselves with mental retardation so when I ask her to let Dugan in and she walks to the back door in an attempt to open it and do so, my soul smiles. She understands.

One of those moments not caught on camera happened today. I poured Oia a bowl of cheddar crackers as an afternoon snack and we carried the bowl into the living room. She (and the dog) finished the snack and the empty bowl remained on the coffee table. Some time had passed as the both of us were playing together in the living room. Oia wandered out of the living room and moments later I heard the dishwasher open. I dashed into the kitchen because she is not allowed to use the dishwasher lid as a step stool which she has done before. No step stool this time...she has pulled out the top rack of the dishwasher and I see her placing the empty snack bowl into it. I have to admit, my jaw probably dropped. She had an empty bowl, knew she was done with snack and knew where it needed to go. Perfect. She understands. Again, no picture to prove it but moments like this are forever etched in my memory.

I told Rob about Oia's mission to load her dirty snack bowl into the dishwasher during dinner this evening and with a look of surprise on his face, he says to me "No way, I don't even do that!"

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  1. Oh WOW! THAT IS AWESOME! Maybe you can teach her to do it instead of Rob! LOL! That is such an accompishment, worthy to be recorded in her baby book! Take a little credit yourself, b/c if she didn't see you doing it, she wouldn't have known! SO SWEET