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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Sweet Surprise

A sweet surprise was delivered to our door yesterday. A yummy arrangement of fresh fruit and an 'I Love You' balloon made all of our day a little brighter, although it was intended for no one other than Miss Oia. Thank you Mamaw, Aunt Tara, Uncle Bobby, Callie and Colton for the kind, post-op wishes from afar.

The post-op appointment today with Dr. P was canceled due to another impending winter storm. We are rescheduled for Thursday. I have a lot of questions and concerns and I am curious to hear the doc's assessments now that surgery is over. Stay tuned..........

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  1. What a sweet gift! Hoping that she is recovering well from her surgery. Thanks for the sweet comments on Faith's blog. I am sure you know how nice it is to KNOW that people are reading you!