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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

OT: Major Progress

To say that we have seen some improvements in Oia's ability to use and incorporate her right hand in daily situations would be an understatement. In the whole scheme of things, progress has been huge in recent months. She is learning to control both hands separately which is beyond challenging in most CP kiddos like Oia, especially when one hand has a tendency to remain closed or when the thumb finds its way tucked inside a fisted hand. (We are not out of the woods yet where a fisted hand is concerned but thankfully it rarely happens anymore.) And overflow is a bitch; nearly impossible to work through. But this girl is conquering it!

Below are proof that 3 of Oia's current OT goals have been MET! These goals have been the long term goals in place since Oia began OT when she was nearly 8 months old. Today, she is nearly 3. This is proof you can't rush perfection but even more telling of where Oia's patience and determination have taken her (and there's no doubt that 2 constraint therapies have made a difference as well.)

First Video, Goal 1: Gain the precision, strength, and accuracy to voluntarily grasp and hold a small object with the right hand (and while engaging the left hand at the same time makes this extremely difficult).

Second video, Goal 2: Stabilize or hold a container with the right hand/arm to carry or to place objects inside of with the left hand. And Goal 3: Transfer small objects from right hand to left hand and vise-versa.

Are her movements perfect, quick, with ease and fluidity? No. But they are just that; movements, and how remarkable coming from a girl who at one time in her life had developmental disregard for her right arm which means she never even knew it existed.

Oia, you've come a long way, sweet girl. You are simply amazing.


  1. WOW! You go girl!! You are doing so great Oia!
    Your hard work is most definitely paying off!

  2. YEAH OIA!!! WHat a fantastic job, sweet girl! Doin' the happy dance for you right now!

  3. What a wonderful post! Oia is proof that you need to disregard what doctors/therapists tell you she can't do....time and time again the kids prove them wrong!

  4. Oh, fantastic. She does SUCH a good job.

  5. Wonderful progress!

    CIT is a very effective technique.


  6. This is so great! Way to go Oia! :)

  7. Wonderful work, Oia! These videos are totally inspiring for me!