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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Saturday's Playdate

We spent our Saturday afternoon hanging out with our dear friend Elena, along with her mommy and little sister. We met at Short Pump, which is an outdoor mall that runs a train for kids to ride. We let the girls play in Pottery Barn Kids for quite some time. (This store is a little girl's heaven with all the play kitchens, dolls, and doll houses.) We stopped for snacks and a train ride, rode the escalator countless times, and then rode the train again. The girls really had a fun time playing in the pint-size train station after their train ride as well.

We had a great time with Elena and her family. I appreciate that we have someone like Elena in our lives that Oia can turn to for inspiration, and hopefully one day, for true companionship as the two grow older. Elena is a wonderful role model. She makes Rob and I smile and I assure you, Oia adores her too.


  1. Sounds like a great day! Lots of fun for sure!

  2. I'm having a twlight, as in zone, moment. Either Oia or Elena could have been me, of couse many many many years ago.
    Although AFO wise Oia and I still match, but mine doesn't have any color in it, at all.