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Monday, May 24, 2010


If miracles had volume; they would sound like Oia's voice. I'm convinced. Her voice is the sweetest and most innocent sound we've ever heard.

We get great enjoyment out of listening to Oia babble with intent while sometimes, to our surprise, real words do make their way out of her little mouth. Occasionally, Rob and I will turn to each other and simultaneously say "Did she just say ___?", but then we may not hear the particular word again for months.

I headed into town Sunday for a few hours while Rob and Oia stayed home to spend the afternoon together. Later that day, Rob asked me if I've heard Oia say "no Oia" yet? I had not. I suppose this is one phrase she has heard over and over again from the both of us, being the curious toddler she is, and now she is repeating it back to us and clear as ever.

It makes us happy for a couple of reasons. One, this is not just one word, but a two word phrase. Big step. Two, she is repeating us. All of her words and babble have been of her own formulation, not repeated. And three, she can communicate the knowledge of her own name by saying it!! I have only imagined what this would one day sound like...and now I know.

So, in true Mo fashion, I had to captured it on blank video last night. Granted, we prompted her to say it for recording purposes but you'll hear "no Oia" clearly 4x and you'll actually get to hear her say mommy and daddy, spoken more like day-ee.

Prepare to smile.


  1. OMG, freakin' darling!!!!!! What a sweet voice.....LOVIN' IT!

  2. Oh Oia, you made my day, again!! How wonderful, Mo! She sounds like a little angel!
    I'll have to get a video of Hanna's little voice as well...she sounds like a wind up doll :)
    I'll be smiling all day for you!

  3. Oh what a beautiful voice! So cute. I totally smiled. :)

  4. After my daughter got her tracheostomy at age 4 months, I literally did not hear her voice until her 1st birthday. Not a babble, not a cry, nothing. I understand the unbelievably amazing sound of your child's voice. Go Oia!

  5. Oh, I loved that post! What a sweet, sweet voice!