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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Another Setback

After finally getting back on her feet and basically learning to walk again with newly stretched muscles after being casted for two weeks, we are now experiencing another setback. This time, the setback has left Oia off her feet COMPLETELY.

The setback seems to have come in the form of a fall, but we can't be sure. We spent our Saturday afternoon playing at Bounce-n-Play with our friends who were visiting us from NC. A good time was had by all until Oia missed the last step in the toddler play area and came crashing down quicker than I could grab her (and I was standing RIGHT. THERE.) It all seemed to unfold in slow motion. All I noticed was that she landed sideways and hit the side of her head HARD on the floor which was accompanied by a loud thud. Screaming and tears ensued. I immediately scooped Oia up to comfort her but she was stiff and arching her back as if she was in great pain and she was clinching her hands into fists which is not something I've ever seen Oia do after a fall. Her behavior conveyed to me that she got seriously hurt somewhere; maybe even felt pain. Another classic example of why I long for my child to be able to communicate; I had to assume the fall hurt her head and nothing else since that's all I saw.

We decided at that point that it was time to go home, eat a late lunch, and put the little ones down for a nap. I carried her after the fall and all the way to the car. Since that fall, Oia has not walked. Not one step. Every time we've put her to her feet since then, she has lifted her right leg, winced in pain, and even cried. Something is wrong.

She was wearing her brace at the time of the fall so it's hard to believe that she twisted her ankle but I don't dare rule anything out these days. Thankfully, having a husband with medical experience provides me with comfort in questionable times as this but he doesn't have an answer either. We contacted Oia's ortho doctor later that evening and we'll be seen by him Tuesday. Until then, he has told us to keep her off her feet and nurse her needs. She is fine to play on her knees and crawl but that pretty much confines us to indoors for the time being.

Her ankle is swollen as well as her foot. However, this is not really a good indicator of injury for us since Oia's right foot is always puffy to begin with (it's just one of those CP things). Her ankle was warm to the touch today; much warmer than the left ankle. While checking her legs, Rob noticed she does have a small grape sized knot/ball located just under her skin on the back of her right knee. Makes us question whether this knot is a balled up torn muscle or portion of a muscle but ortho doctor says it may not be related to the leg injury issue but instead another issue to look at altogether (cyst, etc).

So, another setback...seems to be all we've been given around here lately. Here we go again....


  1. OH NO! I can't believe that happened. I can't wait to hear what the doctor says on Tuesday!

    Another moment of wishing she could communicate...It's just too much when they get hurt and can't even give us a hint of what is going on. HUGS to you and Oia.

  2. Oh nO! I hope the doctor doesn't have anything bad to say on Tuesday. You guys dont need this. Poor Oia! :( I'll be thinking about you guys and crossing my fingers for a good visit with the doctor.

  3. Oh Mo....I am so sorry. I hope everything is okay, and I wish you guys didn't have to wait till Tuesday to be seen by the doc. Sending prayers your way.

  4. Oh no! That's horrible news! Can't wait to hear how you make out tomorrow. Sending good vibes through cyberspace to you and Oia!

  5. Man, Mo! That poor little angel! Just can't catch a break! Sorry, I have been missing you guys so much. Prayers for little Oia that it's nothing serious!

  6. Us too - sending good vibes your way. Sweet little Oia, I hate to think of her incapacitated and especially to be in pain. Keep us posted!