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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ortho Appointment

The outcome of today's ortho appt is ultimately good news; Oia has a soft tissue sprain at the right ankle. Having the words sprain and good news in the same sentence just does seem right but it certainly is when your ortho doc sends your daughter upstairs to x-ray because he suspects a possible break. So, yes, a sprain is good news.

The not so good news is that she is still not willing or able to walk on it yet. Today is day 3 since the fall and sprain happened and she just tonight pulled herself to stand but only beared weight on her left leg (holds right leg just off the ground) and flopped to floor to crawl again after being up only for a minute. Nonetheless, we call this progress.

Sprains slowly heal on their own but I'm praying for a quick recovery as this little girl starts preschool in just one week. It would ease my momma heart significantly if she was back to her normal self by the time I had to say good-bye and drop her off for her first day of preschool.

The knot on the back of Oia's right knee is believed to be a Baker's cyst. It's not an uncommon cyst and has several causes. Oia's is more than likely caused by the irritation and strain her knee endured during the casting period. There seems to be no apparent need to stress over this as ortho doc said it should dissipate on it's own over time.

We left the appt today with a script for a pair of compression socks. Oia has always had a puffy right foot since she was an infant and often times it is even a lovely tint of blue. She will only need to wear one on her right foot but hours worn in a day is unknown at this point. We finally convinced ortho doc that Oia would benefit from the use of a compression sock since her right foot and toes were barely swollen at all while in the cast and swelling remained at a minimum for a couple of days after removal. It's just one of those CP things we deal with, mainly a circulation issue in her less dominant extremity. I will be calling tomorrow to schedule an appt for her foot to be measured so a good fit can be ordered. Let's hope they make these things in pink.


  1. Gosh, I am so relieved. You are right, we shouldn't think a sprain is a good thing, but way, way better than a break. I'm glad you posted tonight, I've been thinking about that cyst today. I used those compression socks when pregnant, and although I was not necessarily a fashion maven, I did like the results. I'm glad you guys are on the mend!

  2. Sadly I doubt they come in pink. I had enough trouble finding them in navy or even white, they do come in every shade of almost white or brown you can think of and some you can't. But they do work wonders (they can be hard to get on the first few times, just a warning)

  3. Let's hope that sprain heals up quickly! I'm happy to hear that it was just a sprain...I was worried at first when you said she hit her head! :(
    I can't believe preschool is only a week away! I'll be thinking about you guys!

  4. I came to your blog from Cary's (about the small stuff) I have a 3 year old granddaughter Hailey with c.p. I hope oia heals quickly and I hope she enjoys school. we were concerned about Hailey not getting along well in school because she doesn't usually do well in new places but she actually loves it. Nice to meet you.

  5. Boo on that fall and sprain! Yea for no fracture and a sock to help!

    A little more time to heal, eh?


  6. Well, that's good news. You know how kids are--they get gun shy about things. The other day Charlie accidentally bit his finger while eating and I've caught him a few times now trying to eat with his face. Le sigh.

  7. I remember letting out a cheer in the emergency room when we found out that the lump on Nathan's head a few years ago was a hematoma resulting from a skull fracture and not something more serious. We were the most excited parents to hear the words skull fracture!! Maybe manufacturing compression socks in fashion colors like Baby Legs could be Oia's calling!! lol Glad you got some more information and a plan.

  8. My husband manages a Medical supply company and I've dealt with patients who needed them. They do wonders, I hear. We always put them on in the morning before they are up and about, which I'm sure your doctor will tell you. Keep them nice and smooth... no wrinkles ;) Good luck finding the color pink... if all else fails, perhaps you could dye them pink! Keep us posted on her recovery! God is good!