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Friday, August 20, 2010

Good News

Oia is back on her feet and walking again! Praise the Lord. We doubled up on therapy this week and have spent a lot of time out of the house so she'd be less tempted to crawl. The mall, several parks, and even the baby doll isle at Toys R Us have all been our grounds of therapy and source of motivation in the last two weeks. We provided her with as much assistance as she needed until finally she needed no more. Little Miss has turned a corner yet again, not quite back to 100% but pretty darn close. She has worked so hard. The sprain seems to be behind us now and we're not looking back.


  1. Mo, that is such excellent news. Can you see the benefits of the serial casting now and what do you think? Today was the first day anyone said "botox" to me, when my PT noticed a heel not coming down, and all I could think of was your saga, as I slipped my sunglasses on. I think he always knows when I am crying anyway. I'm so proud of your sweet Oia! I've watched my daughter become so pleased with her increasing mobility and versatility - it broke my heart to read your posts of Oia just not going. Perhaps your lesson was about rest? Anyway, I'm delighted for you.

  2. Oh my goodness Oia is so beautiful! I love her little smile. Such a sweetheart. And I'm still sad about what happened the 2nd day of school.