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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Back on Her Feet

Things have made a turn around for the better and we are heading back in the right direction.

We had our usual PT session last Thursday; about 9 days post casts and Oia was still unable to walk. This was our PT's first visit with Oia since the day of removal (a 9 day gap between PT sessions is not usual, our PT was out of town). Needless to say, I was desperate to see our PT and relief flooded over me when she arrived at our door that morning. Oia greeted her by crawling around the corner to say hi and PT's jaw dropped in disbelief. She looked at me as though something was wrong. I explained this has been Oia's only form of mobility post casts and she was "baffled". Her words..."I would have never expected this; not from Oia".

PT stretched Oia and gave her an overall assessment to see if there was something more to be concerned about other than the newly stretched muscles. She thought perhaps Oia's resistance to walk may be attributed to a torn muscle or even a fracture at some point. She didn't know but knew our little spit-fire should be walking and wasn't. She determined Oia had neither of those things because her legs were manipulated, stretched, and massaged without issue.

Long story short, after two back to back PT sessions on Thursday and Friday last week, Oia is now walking again and back to her old self. She is even pushing up to stand from the middle of the floor. It just took some time for her to feel secure and confident with the new flexibility she gained during casting. The 'new legs' took more time getting used to than we all had expected but in retrospect, what's 9 days when your kiddo with CP can still walk? It's all a process. I'm quickly coming to realize that just because Oia walks a certain way now doesn't necessarily mean she'll walk the same way next year. Her posture and gait will constantly go through phases of change and compensation as she grows. It's just something we take day by day but we never, ever take it for granted.

Our girl can walk and for that, we are thankful.


  1. She might've needed extra help in the confidence department that she could only get from a PT. But I can't really say because that NEVER happens to me......

  2. Great news! Glad to read that it only took a few PT sessions. Keep up the great work Oia!

  3. YEA for Oia! I hope you can enjoy the rest of your summer. Can't wait to see the kids at preschool together.